Meet The Rebels

Just your average mother crafter, designer, maker of things by day.  Also, by night.  Often by night.  Okay, mostly only at night when everyone is asleep.  Mama Rebel loves dogs, dinosaurs, and doing fun things.  She hails from the La La Land of films and visual effects, but her focus now is family and fun business!

Papa Rebel likes to live his life far away from the internet, but he looks something like this (the one with the tie).  He manages the finances for Rebel Buttons. He also manages money in real life, which is probably why Mama Rebel hired him.

Lil Rebel loves crocodiles, drawing, and theater.  She's got a big heart for all humans and animals alike.  She styles our button fashion shoots and is a fabulous brand ambassador.

Rebel Bro loves dinosaurs.  "Loves" might even be an understatement.   That's okay though, as we are never short of dinosaur-related graphics and designs.  He's also amazing at math and Legos, all while looking like he should be a professional surfer.

Our four rescues keep us on our toes.  And also literally keep on our toes.  Never need socks to sleep with a chihuahua on your feet!  Don't worry, they're not all ankle-biting chihuahuas.  We balance out the three pipsqueaks with an oversized Great Dane.   The Rescue Rebels make great models for buttons and magnets too. See if you can find them all!